If you are driving a vehicle without an insurance cover, there is a possibility of having the car impounded by the authorities. The vehicle will be towed away and you will be charged with driving a vehicle without insurance where you will have to pay a fine that will be imposed by the state. You will also be forced to pay for the towing charges as well as the storage for the days that your vehicle will be in the yard of the towing company’s yard.

Here are the steps that you should take to recover your vehicle:

  • Get liability coverage: The first step should be getting an insurance cover for the vehicle as there is no way you will be allowed to drive the vehicle without it. You should show proof that you have acquired the insurance cover to the towing company; some companies will ask for the original document while others will settle for a faxed copy. You should ask about these requirements before going to get the vehicle.
  • If your driver’s license has been suspended as a result of any traffic violation, you should go with another person who has a valid driving license. The towing company will not release the vehicle is you do not have a driving license.
  • You will have to pay for the storage of the vehicle as well as the towing charges before the vehicles can be released.

A vehicle that has been towed due to lack of an insurance cover will normally be stored in the police towing impound area and it will be impossible to have it removed before you have complied to all the requirements.

If your can is impounded and you fail to meet the requirement as ordered by a judge, the next option will be the auctioning of your vehicle. Any impounded car that has not been claimed will automatically become the property of the state and at one time, they will be auctioned off at very low prices.

A driver whose vehicle has been towed away due to lack of insurance will have a hard time getting insured as he is considered as a high-risk driver. Some of the insurance companies may agree to issue an insurance cover buy will charge an exorbitant price for the same.

To get the best quote, you should look for an insurance company that specializes in insuring high-risk drivers. You will be charged lower premiums since they will be interested in making you one of their regular customers.

The other option that will enable you to get an insurance cover faster is seeking online car insurance. You have to be careful about this so that you will not end up buying a fake insurance cover that will be of no help in case the risk insured occurs. The reviews from previous customers should be enough to tell you if the company can be trusted and if they keep their word when it comes to compensation. You should also ensure that you speak to a representative so that you will be advised on the way forward.

To avoid non-consent towing due to lack of insurance, ensure that you get the right insurance cover before getting on the road. If you have questions consult the Tow Truck Experts Ogden Towing with their new yard Roy Tow Truck.

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