It is now a common knowledge that you might need the services of a tow truck service for towing your damaged car from the accident site to the repair garage or even to move your new or existing car from one location to another for numerous reasons.

However, transporting the vehicle from one location to another is a risky business. Road debris and twists and turns of road transit can leave scratch and nicks on the vehicle or even cause some serious damage to it. Damages to wheels, suspension or even engine are fairly common especially if your car is being towed by dragging it along the road. The best way to avoid it is by insisting your tow truck service to use a flatbed truck to tow your vehicle. There are numerous advantages of using a flatbed tow truck for your vehicle. Few of them are:

Best way to avoid any further damage to your car

The traditional way of towing a damaged vehicle is to hook them to a towing vehicle with its front tow wheels raised from the ground. The rear two wheels remain on the ground and are dragged along the road as the vehicle is being pulled and towed along the road. This movement of the car in the slanting position puts pressure on it and causes damage to it. In contrast, all the four wheels of your car are placed on the flat platform of a flatbed tow truck and tied to it. Your vehicle is totally off the road and thus remains safe from any road abuse. Thus, the possibility of inflicting damage to it is severely reduced.

Greater safety on the road

No other tow truck service can match the safety and security offered by a flatbed tow truck. It not only offers maximum safety to your vehicle but also to the other vehicles commuting on the road. Your vehicle is no longer swaying behind the tow truck which can pose a risk to other vehicles or even the pedestrians.


Whenever a flatbed tow truck service is being used; the vehicle to be towed is placed completely on top of it during the entire journey of the transportation. This makes it convenient to tow just about any type of vehicle like a SUV, boat and just about any vehicle that can be fitted on the flatbed. Other traditional tow trucks like dolly trucks and other vehicles can only tow those vehicles which have wheels. The versatility provided by a flatbed trailer is unmatched.

Convenient and saves time

If you avail of a dolly to tow, you would need to first remove its drive shaft. This would help you avoid transmission damage. In contrast, when you avail of flatbed towing; your vehicle is firmly strapped to the flatbed and towed to the destination. The loading of the vehicle is also easy on it. In case the vehicle cannot be moved; it is loaded on the flatbed trailer using a winch. This makes it a very convenient and time-saving option for any user availing of the services.


Given the obvious benefits of the flatbed trailer, it is always recommended that you specify for a flatbed trailer any time you require the services of a tow truck service.


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